01 December 2012

sunday dinner

Last Sunday was our postponed Thanksgiving dinner.
Because of demanding retail schedules, we had no time to celebrate Thanksgiving, and had to push it back a few days.

It was a simple and humble dinner. very humble. 
The only things that were homemade for the whole dinner was Scott's apple cider and my apple pie. The rest of the meal either came out of a box (I was looking for cheap, people) or was donated from the Apple store's recent employee party.
And, sadly, we ate it all on the floor, on our ugly synthetic rug - we don't own a table yet. 

I think sitting on that floor, with our out-of-a-box and donated food made me realize just how blessed and grateful we are. We didn't have much and it wasn't ideal, but at least we had something to call our Thanksgiving feast and were able to share it together. 
And I'm grateful for that. 

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