24 January 2013

this and that: sporadic thoughts

I've been non-existent as of late - on the blogging world and in real life. I've worked everyday the past 6 days and I'm itching for a break. So here's some random thoughts because my brain isn't working straight.

I just got a paycheck - aka - I was just able to afford another online class. This one is English lit history 1660 - 1785. I love the history behind these great pieces. I just hope I'll be able to break away from work to learn some of this stuff.

I just finished this book. And I loved it. It has really good insights and stuff, so go read it.

Sometimes I love living in a tropical place (especially when I see all the videos of the freezing ice and snow), until I realize that during all of the hours that see the sun, I am working so that we can afford our dollar-sucking apartment. I promise I'm not any more tan than I was last winter.

I'm serious about new years resolutions this year. I was given a notebook from my sister, and decided to use it for a "one line a day" notebook. So far I've kept to it, and its nice to be able to record things in only a few sentences. 

I am now terrified to bring children into this world. I know a lot of people say that, but since living here, it scares the crap out of me.

Expect sporadic and fewer blog spots, unless I randomly find inspiration or more time. 


  1. I hope you can find time I look everyday hoping for a new post. I've even started reading Scotts blog - I miss you guys too much!

    Unfortunately, you have been surrounds by all that is awful in this world. Don't let your light go out, just make it shine brighter. Remember light always makes a darker place better=happier.

    Kids change everything! and they bring lots of joy. They also make you realize some of the things you were missing in your life. Until you have your own you will never understand what it truly means to love a little person that quickly and that much!

    You will understand better why your mother feels your pain (sometimes more than you do) and how hard it is not to make everything always better.

    Most of all you and Scott will be incredible parents when the time is right.

    Remember to always look for the positive, keep writing your one sentence everyday in your notebook (great idea by the way), and keep that light of your shining bright for the WHOLE world to see!

  2. yay! your using my notebook! (super cute right?)