10 February 2013

boric acid

I want you to know that today I found a cockroach on my bed.
And that this is a big deal.

We started out here in this little apartment with massive amounts of cockroaches, four boxes, and a borrowed air mattress. I immediately dubbed this half (the bed half) of our 350 sq. ft apartment as the safe zone. (Consequently, this is the half of our apartment that I've taken the time to decorate, the other half is just gross.) A kind neighbor let us use his boric acid (white powder stuff), and before putting it where you're supposed to (windows, baseboards, etc) I made a thick circle of it around our make-shift bed (it might have looked like we were devil-worshipers, but lets just skip that). No bugs = happy Erika. 

After keeping the boric acid line around for a couple weeks, I finally cleaned it up and I have kept an imaginary line there ever since. For six months I've always stayed on this side of the apartment. 90% you'll find me here, in my safe spot. 
And then a week ago, there was a cockroach climbing up the wall, venturing over the imaginary line into my safe spot. Scott killed it and I yelled at it for quite some time to tell its other buddies to leave my part of the house alone. (and yes it was dead, but lets be honest, they never really die, so if he re-awakens, I just wanted him to remember how mad I was that he crossed the line.)

And then today, there was one on the bed, just derping around, right next to my pillow.
And so, officially, my safe haven has crumbled and that imaginary line has been erased. 

It might be time to break out the boric acid again.