27 February 2013

news of the day

Today I went to the dentist. 
I don't know why, but every time I go to the dentist (or any doctor for that matter) I become a big ball of anxiety and become so shaky that I almost pass out. (Which might have contributed to the time I actually did pass out at the doctors.)

Ironic, because my grandpa is a dentist, and I have long grown up in a family of doctors. It's somewhat common to have my dad prescribe me some antibiotics when I have a bad sinus infection, or for him to bring home shots for mono (or simply just for an energy boost.)

Yet, I still get the chills any time I know I need to go to the doctor's office. 
And what do you know - the dentist tells me I have 8 cavities. EIGHT! Since when did I ever get 8 cavities?
Stupid drill happy dentist. I think he's lying.

In other news,
I recently found out that on your birthday, the Honolulu Aquarium lets you swim with the dolphins for free. 
Best news ever. 
So, I'll be spending my birthday frolicking with the dolphins. 

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  1. Bummer about the cavities, but so awesome about the free dolphin swim! You're going to love it!