25 February 2013


Last Tuesday, Scott and I got back from a week-long vacation in Utah. It was a good week full of new babies, good food, and lots of catching up.

It started with Scott and I surprising my siblings (everyone else knew about this trip besides them) and checking them out of school for the day. 
Mckay: 'I thought you were in Hawaii.' Forced hug.
Madi: Thought she was in trouble when called to the office, saw us, threw her binder and screamed while running towards us. tears.
Dallen: Confused until he saw us. Best face that made me so happy. Big bear hug.

Throughout the week we took a few moments to enjoy cheap groceries, clean cities, and an overall good feeling. The cold did take us by a little surprise; I might have forgotten how to dress in layers to stay warm, - but it was beautiful, and well, we were actually able to cuddle while falling asleep each night (something that rarely happens here due to the heat and mugginess).

I have mixed feelings about being back in Hawaii - especially with all of the cold tropical storms that have been coming through. Family seems too far away and my online classes are dull.
But, I love being able to come home to my own place and my own bed, being able to take care of Scott, and not having to worry about what the temperature will be for the day. 

Once these storms head out, it will be all-day beach time.

Excuse me while I dump the few pictures we gathered from this trip.

Favorite moments:

visiting dallen at work. home videos. just dance. babies babies babies. surprising the kids. dallen choking on water. balloon pop and mckay's depressing reaction caught on tape. cocoa bean. president uqchtdorf. trader joes. krispy kreme with the kids. blessing day. hot dogs in the fire place. sledding. steaks. just being with loved ones.


  1. So much fun surprising the kids! That was one of my many favorite moments.