18 March 2013

our little home.

here's our little home - all 300 sq. feet of it. (my butt is literally leaning against the kitchen counter.)
We've finally made it into our own cozy dwelling, with a lot of it being passed along from neighbors or thrifted. 
chair: side of the road
curtains: - made by my mother-in-law after seeing that the only curtains I was willing to get was an old sheet.
bed pillows and blanket: sewn by me
wall decorations: cardboard from packages we received (thanks moms.) covered in fabric, flowers from scott, and the star I made for our guitar tree.
bike: bought in back alley by scott.
Its a reasonably decent place (if you forget about the grimy floors, hobo camps outside, and the bugs), and we're basically, almost okay with the size of it for the two of us.  I love the open windows that brings in the afternoon breeze and the sweet sound of birds chirping (seriously, isn't that such a happy sound?).
I'm learning to love it here more and I'm finding simple moments that make this place a home. 

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  1. this is so cute! living with less isn't so bad, eh? after living with the bare essentials and now that we have moved into our new place and we see how much stuff we have stored...we are purging. it's a good feeling.