23 March 2013

the moving itch. and other stuff.

Lately I've been feeling a weird itch to pack up everything and move somewhere new again. This seems odd to me only because our last moving experience was horrific and I vowed I would never do it again. Plus, I tend to really hate change.
Yet, here I am, deciding what I would pack and where I want to go next.

(note: I've also realized that our Hawaii apt. has been our longest dwelling that Scott and I have lived in since we got married. I guess we're just getting into a moving routine.)

School is literally driving me insane. Graduation seems as if it will never come.

The weather here is getting warmer/muggier, but it's still very overcast. Not fun. 

Also, all I ever think about is the next dessert I want to make. Oh and how many new Ellen videos I can find. I'm so good at being lazy.

Scott has almost gone through a whole 12 oz bottle of NyQuil in a month. And he doesn't have a cold or anything. I should be worried, but I just laugh. 

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