23 April 2013

Maunawili Falls

Cousin and I first found this hike when she came to visit,
     and I had to come back with Scott to show him this fun hike.

It was particularly humid that day, so the mosquitos were out in full force. When I started to realize that I was being eaten by these little bugs, I smeared mud all over my limbs (I guess its a natural repellant) and they were gone the rest of the hike.

When we got up to the waterfall, there was no one in sight. It was kind of a magical moment to be in this secluded, beautiful scene with no one around us. 
After we took it all in, we got in the water and eventually jumped off the waterfall.

We ended our time at the falls with Scott jumping off a 40 ft ledge and me worrying that I would become a widow. 
Altogether a really fun hike.

Scott is up in the upper left corner - 
too high of a jump for me!


  1. So cool! What an awesome place to have to yourselves!

  2. my butt bruise is finally almost faded from that jump