25 April 2013

mau'umae ridge // hike

Our dear friend Kaleena took us on this beautiful hike. It's simply a trail that goes along one of the many mountain ridges, with a valley on each side of you. It was so fun to play around and see such spectacular views of the island. 

It's a 7 mile round trip hike, but we only had time to go about a third of the way, where there is a bench overlooking the two valleys. Because it's somewhat of an exhausting hike, I was perfectly fine only going that far.
(One good/bad thing about this trail is that it's quite the roller coaster that gives you the same workout going up and going down the summit.)

Overall, it made for some good pictures and a good workout. 

How to get there: This hike is kind of in a more obscure place and can be difficult to find. 
Head up to Maunalani Circle and turn right once you hit that road. 
Go around the curve for a bit, and it should be on your right hand side, or the north side of the road. It will be in between a chain link fence and a wooden fence with an old scratched out sign marking the trail head.


  1. I'm definitely going to have to go back to hawaii and experience some of these new hikes you have found. Maybe you guys will be willing to go back also! :)

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