20 April 2013

Spitting Caves

Somehow it all worked out that Scott got off of work at 2pm last Tuesday. I was giddy to be able to finally have him with me during daylight hours.

So, I packed up a lunch, bought some ginger ale, picked up my darling husband, and we drove off to the east shore for some exploring.

I've been eyeing what are called the "spitting caves." It's in the middle of some ritzy neighborhood, and we almost missed it because the trail was hidden between some houses and bushes.
After getting off a short trail to the caves, looking up to the view was breathtaking. Not only can you see the endless and ongoing ocean, but the rock formations look so unique.

It made the afternoon so relaxing. We picked a cozy ledge and ate our mini picnic, all while watching a few whales out in the distance and a couple of adrenaline-high teens jump off the cliffs.

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  1. This is simply amazing. Reminds me a lot of Lost.