01 June 2013

aloha 'oe

Last week,
we said goodbye to Hawaii.
It was all so bittersweet.

Leaving Utah, and friends, and family, and comfort scared me, and initially I didn't want to go to Hawaii.
But after some time, I  began to realize that you can start to build a part of that life up again. You'll find more friends, people that treat you like family, and things become more like home.
(I'm sure I'll have to learn that lesson again over the next few moves that we have.)

Frankly, I never realized how sad I would be to leave it.
It's not just because of the beaches, or the pretty views, or the warmth,
         but because of how we grew.
We really had to struggle together and make things work. Many think we just sat around and played while we were there (and in a way we sometimes did). But a lot of it was figuring out us, and how we function as our own little unit, away from everything and everyone that we know.

I learned so much in Hawaii. And like the few other places Scott and I have lived at together, there's a little part of me that will forever be there.
     Hawaii will always have a little part of my heart.

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