01 June 2013

as of late,

Things get busier and slower, and I've found that being with family pulls me away from documenting anything- so here's a little recap on the past week or so.

We're enjoying our free moments here in Utah - Breathing in the crisp air when it's chilly, and becoming everything outdoorsy when it's nice and warm. 

It was Scott's Birthday this past week. He's now 26. Crazy! And so begins the 2 month span where we are six years apart and it kinda freaks me out. 
Happy Birthday to my dear darling. 

My little brother graduated from High School. It's weird to watch him go through that stage, when I feel like I was just there. It was nice to reflect on where I've gone since my graduation, and how I've grown and changed. 

We've had multiple BBQs, we've hiked, and swam. I'm still waiting for that sun to come out more often though. 

Our car arrived! Our cute "subie" finally made it back from Hawaii safe and sound. 

And well, we're still apartment shopping, and bunkering down in our parent's basement. After one failed attempt to apply for an apartment, I've learned that I'll probably have to put money down at the showing. 

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  1. So glad you are back! And these photos are awesome!