13 July 2013

settle down

I'm loving SLC. It still has the city feel, but CLEANER. I thoroughly dislike when people apologize that I have to live up here - don't you know some people actually enjoy living in the city?
Everything is great, from the quirky cafes to the quirky people.

The random rain we've been getting lately is the best. We'll open all the windows up wide and breathe in that refreshing smell. It is wrong that Scott and I sometimes wish for Fall? (although I'm still not ready to let go the amazing summer nights here).

We might have blown through most of our money just to set up our apartment faster - con: less groceries, pro: this is the first apartment we've had that has a living room I want to sit in.

I'm still kicking myself over the fact that I didn't just buy an awesome Steve Madden purse for only $40! (pictured -->). But the annoying, fun-sucker, budget-aware person inside of me said no for the reason above.  

I keep forgetting what day it is.

I'm being a total lazy butt about school. I'm losing all motivation, and I think I should just stop.

I've been toying with the idea of dying my hair some random color (blue, or purple - but not pink. I don't like pink)
Scott says I should do it just so that I can learn from my mistakes.

And Ikea is officially our best friend.

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  1. Love that sunset! And I really like Scott's comment about the hair ;) Online classes are so hard to be motivated for! I bet Independent Study makes half its money on extension fees. But you gotta do it! And you can!