29 August 2013

days away

I never wanted to sound like a clingy wife.
I like being my own person, and being independent.

But days away from Scott are the worst.
Your best friend is away and you stifle the things you would laugh about and you're lonely when you sleep. Going out and exploring or going to a movie or shopping is fine by yourself, but it is so much more rewarding when you're with your other half. 

Scott left for a business tip a few weeks ago.
I cried on the drive home from the airport.
Sounds so lame. But I told myself it's just proof that I'm still madly in love with him.

From that time I was sitting in a finance class at SUU, thinking about Scott and France and him and me and my heart hurt. A tangible pain in my chest. When at the time, all I had was skype dates and FB messages, I knew I missed him in a deep and powerful way.

Today, we have Skype deleted off our computer, and FB messages are infrequent, but I still get that painful feeling when he goes off for a long day at work, or far away business trip.

Love is kinda a crazy feeling.

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