14 August 2013

long time no see

This blog has suffered a lot lately.

I won't lie... I actually forgot about it for a while.
I'll make another attempt at this. Only because I know I'll regret not recording things for personal use.

We've been busy lately. With Scott gone all day, I either: a) work on school b) look for a job or c) clean. So, once he gets home, I try to plan something fun to do. 
And thats my sad excuse for why I don't blog.

So here is a huge throw-up of what we've been doing:

Our apartment is basically done. It looks like ikea exploded in it.
Harriette is basically all fixed up, and we finally took her out for her maiden voyage.
Temple square - all the time.
I'm officially 21. 
We made a little trip with my family to California. I have basically no pictures of it (sad). Bonus: I finally look like I actually lived in Hawaii at one point.
Liberty park (the best park ever).
A car camping trip.
Along with rappelling. (My first time back on the rope after chopping my hair off)
And good old family time.

Here's to attempting to blog/journal life and it's little moments. 
And to taking more pictures. (does anyone else forget to use their nice cameras? those iphones are just too easy!)

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