01 October 2013

dorms... married style.

Back during my freshman year, I had a love hate relationship with the dorms. 
It was incredibly fun to be so close to everyone - being able to pile into each other's rooms and stay up late together - yet you had zero privacy. 
Since then, I've loved having my own apartment with Scott. 

Apparently, I now have the best of both worlds. I noticed that we now have a dorm situation happening at our new apartments. We've started a new game/movie/dinner night group with some other couples in the building. Our building is small - only 8 apartments, 4 on top 4 on bottom - and both couples live right across the hall from us. So all together we basically take up the majority of the top floor.  

We walk over to each other's places in our socks, jump onto the couch, and then run back to our apartment when we forgot our treats. We fix each other's ACs, bring each other baked goods, and doorbell (or knocking?) ditching is frequent. We gather in the hallway after church, after a night out, or just when passing through. 

It's a good group. And we've got quite the fun little dorm experience going on here. 

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