17 October 2013


I slept in until 9:30. An occurrence that rarely happens anymore. 

I feel rested, also an occurrence that rarely happens. 

I stretch out in my bed, and then bury my face into my crisp cold pillow, breathing in the sweet scent of newly washed sheets.

Gratefully, I have no work today. I'm enjoying the perks of working for a public school. 

After rolling out of my dreamy bed, I put some clothes on -  including my favorite wrap-around, long cardigan.

I open all the windows in my apartment, letting the light seep into my tiny, yet cozy home. The sun bounces off the leaves of trees surrounding my apartment, illuminating warm colors of red, yellow, and orange. 

I then stand in front of my favorite wide open window, a space heater at my feet, and stare out at the grey overcast clouds looming over ensign peak. All the while, little mustard colored leaves sprinkle down from a hidden tree.  

This is fall. 
And this is a good day. 

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  1. this is a great day! And tomorrow will be even better...because you are with me!