20 November 2013

purging post

I forget to write on this thing because honestly nothing happens. And when it does, I forget about it. 
Here's another one of those purging posts of random thoughts. 

When people ask me what I have been up to, I feel like a robot: school, work, stress, repeat. 

I just finished a 12 page research paper on Feminism. 
Before you get all "hooray women" on me, it was completely anti-feminism. 
Its been my baby for the past two weeks and now that its done I just want to shove my face into that stack of papers and breathe it all in. 

I think I'm starving my husband.

I'm itching for Christmas season to get here. I have always been a die-hard no christmas anything until after thanksgiving kind of person. But I just might let it slip this year. 

Ender's Game was good. The book was better. And Thor 2 was the best. Scott approves my crush on the Hemsworth boys. 

I miss reading books for fun. 

My aunt got a puppy and it's pretty much one of my dream dogs and now I can't stop thinking about animals. 
Let me correct that, I can't stop thinking about babies, animals, and baby animals. To die for.

That's all. 


  1. I want to read this anti-feminism paper! Also, let's take a break sometime and watch Austenland together! Have you seen it yet? I haven't.

    1. Austenland would be a blast! I haven't heard the greatest things about it... but I think it would make for a good chick flick night

  2. you look complete with that puppy....though i would much prefer a baby! :) (can't believe I'm actually saying that)