16 December 2013

3 & 4 & 5

Christmas date 3. Saturday. 
At the last minute (and extra thanks to a very kind cousin) we decided to go to the Hoyal family party. Of course, we had the annual christmas talent show - where everyone has to participate, and the teenagers always grumble about. This year, I even surprised myself with my made-up talent. But that will have to be shown later.
     Really, it was just fun to be together with extended family (something we didn't get last Christmas), and enjoy some laughs about old times. 

      My sister's lovely talent is her self taught guitar and singing combo:
    I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this. Love you sister *muah

Christmas date 4. Sunday. 
Because it was Sunday, we couldn't do much with going out somewhere special. So instead, we stayed in, turned off all lights but the tree, watched Elf, and ate some cream cheese brownies (Scott's favorite). 

Christmas date 5. Monday.
We had to improvise a bit with this one tonight. Because finals week is this week, and Scott's schedule is so random,  I feel like our time is limited and it's going to be harder to come up with date ideas. 
So tonight, we watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith (oh so Christmas-y), and then walked over to our neighborhood 7-11 for hot chocolate (my favorite). 

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