30 December 2013

Date 12.

Our last Christmas date was on the Eve of Christmas Eve.
Because the next two days were going to be full of family celebrations, we knew that we would have little time to celebrate for ourselves.

So for our last day, we made up some hot chocolate, and opened up our presents to each other.
Scott's gifts: a very nice ax, a knife sharpening kit, and some manly charcoal soap.
My gifts: a lovely necklace, simple brass bracelet, and a black pencil skirt.
We took some time to think about everything we are grateful for, and that we are able to have such a nice Christmas together, and with our families. 

Doing these 12 dates of Christmas really helped bring the Christmas spirit into our home. With a Christmas date planned each day, I always looked forward to what we were going to do next.
We really enjoyed the season together and had some Christmas fun.

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  1. you need to write a post about one of your biggest Christmas gifts...your husbands face back!