23 December 2013

dates 10 & 11

These two dates were simply some fun family gatherings. 

Saturday was the Gibby family party - Scott's side of the family. Everyone always ends up yelling over each other and the room gets way too overheated. It's always a blast though, with friendly family members who shower you with exorbitant compliments. 

I love meeting up with the cousins most of all. They are all within the same age of each other by a few years. I love chatting with their wives - although I feel somewhat out of place when all of them are on their second kid!
Most of all I love to watch Scott with his cousins. He truly shines and becomes the happiest person in the room. 

Sunday was the Jones family party - my side of the family. It's always a classy occasion, and our annual cookie exchange is something I look forward to. Meeting up with this side of the family is always fun. Seeing my mom with all of her sisters makes me laugh- their "snappy" attitudes blend between all of them. 

Most of all, I love meeting up with Cousin. Her loud, happy voice with hugs and cuddles reminds me of our sleepovers in high school and the friendship that we have. 

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