14 December 2013

Christmas Dates 1 & 2

Living close to family brings on many more Christmas parties and gatherings. While we love meeting up with family and friends, our lives tend to feel a little more hectic when balancing parties, work, finals, and church. 

Scott and I have been trying to find time to relax at home, wishing we had time to figure out our own traditions, or to simply enjoy the Christmas spirit as a couple. We decided that we wanted to plan time everyday to do something "Christmas-y" whether it be with family, friends, or just the two of us. 

Now that my finals are coming to a close, and family events are scheduled out, we have begun our "12 dates of Christmas,"  with a list of activities for every night. 

   For our 1st date, we went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. We were able to attend with our good friends visiting from Hawaii - who got us the most incredible tickets from John Rhys Davies himself. 
The music was spectacular, the soprano was breathtaking, and a story about Dickens made me miss London *sigh*
    However, the most unexpected, and my personal favorite, musical act was the organ solo. With close-ups of both hands - and BOTH FEET - playing, it was incredible to hear the prominent deep notes shaking around me. 

I think I'll buy the DVD just to watch that solo every Christmas. or to hear John Rhys Davis recite Luke 2.
It was a wonderful Christmas date, and we thoroughly enjoyed the night. 
         Although we then came home to a flooded basement and spent some of our precious sleeping time cleaning up and throwing away soaked boxes of our things. Not fun. 
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On the 2nd date of Christmas, we went to dinner and the Hobbit with our friends. Dinner was amazing - we went to our favorite pizza place in SLC, called Settebellos. I convinced Scott to let me get the Nutella pizza for dessert too (yum). 
        The Hobbit was good, but the fact that we saw it in 3D ruined it for me. I don't know what it is about 3D films, but trying to focus on the movie is so difficult for me. Not to mention I always feel so claustrophobic. 
I guess that means I'll have to just watch it again!

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