24 April 2014

my happy place

Where do you find must-have glow toys, non-stop songs, and air that smells like candy?

A couple of weekends ago, I joined my family on a quick trip to this magical place. Although I did spend plenty of time stressing out about the price of a ticket, I went and enjoyed myself, couldn't stop smiling, ran from ride to ride, and sucked every ounce of happiness from every little dollar. 
(Sadly, Scott, not a Disney lover, opted out of the trip. But it's okay - I bought him an outdoor jacket that made up for it - He's a happy man.)

Highlights from the trip:

+Food. I've never really enjoyed the food at Disneyland before (besides the churros and corn dogs), because my mom would always pack lunches. This time, we enjoyed churros, funnel cake, corn dogs, Monte Cristo sandwiches (to die for), and Boudines chowder bread bowl. It's pretty obvious that my family likes to pack on the carbs.

+A random 5.1 earthquake. My brothers at the hotel could feel everything shaking. However, the rest of my family, myself included, were on Thunder Mountain. So, we really didn't feel anything, besides the fact that our ride shut down for a little bit. Bonus: Although the firework show, and all of the rides shut down, Madi and I rushed over to the Peter Pan ride to have only a 5 minute wait!

+Mckay's reactions. Last time we went to Disneyland, Mckay was really young and small, making it so that he couldn't go on many of the same rides. This time, he joined us on all the "big kid" rides. His first time on Tower of Terror (a personal favorite) started off his day with shaky legs. And of course, the swinging ferris wheel carts about gave him (and me) a heart attack. 

+Ending every night with Splash Mountain (another favorite) because of the non-existent line, and then singing our guts out, enjoying the black lights, and getting soaked - over and over and over again. 

+Walking into the park each morning and being overwhelmed with so many good childhood memories: smelling good food, skipping from excitement down main street, screams and laughter, theme park music, and those Mickey Mouse balloons I always wished for. 

It was really just a great couple of days to let my nine-year-old self out and have a couple of screams. 

     see, I told you I'd have a happier post. 

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