22 April 2014

rant about life because there is a lot of it.

Stress has once again filled every corner of my life. Deadlines are nearing, my planner is never out of sight, school work is piling up, and our future is so unsure. 

I'm walking for graduation at the end of this week, but I'm not technically graduating until June or so (cross your fingers). I can't decide if this weekend's "graduation day" is going to mean much to me - I mean, how am I supposed to feel the relief/euphoria/excitement of graduating when I have homework to do that night? Hopefully I'll feel different when the day actually arrives. 

To further explain, I'm walking for graduation so prematurely because the next commencement isn't until August - - and sadly, we will probably not be here. 
Scott's position with Apple ends in July, meaning, he needs to find a new job by then. While Apple management would love to promote Scott to a higher position, Utah unfortunately has no openings, making it so that we have to look out of state to stay within Apple. The job hunt is currently on, and between the months of June and August, our lives are completely up in the air. 

There have been a lot of breakdowns over impatient moments, unfair feelings, and simply a bogged down agenda. Personal battles are being fought - some I'd rather not share here - and life is in a very unique spot at the moment. We're happy, but overwhelmed. (i'm trying really hard to do this right now.)
I'm not looking for pity parties or a smile of sympathy. 
Rather, I'm recording these small moments of life, knowing things will turn up, and soon enough this post will just be another whisper of hard times. 

there you go. 
rant. rant. rant. blah. blah. blah.
on to happier posts. 

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