16 April 2014

spring cleaning

My apartment is torn apart, there are grocery bags full of new cleaning supplies, and I have a week off from work due to spring break. 
I guess it means it's spring cleaning time.

I don't think I've ever officially deep-cleaned one of our apartments like this. But especially after this last winter, and the bugs and dirt that come in through our old windows, I've been itching to scrub every part of our place.

I started a couple days ago with the most menial jobs possible, and I ended up making everything ten times worse. Changing our winter flannel sheets to our summer-time cotton sheets wasn't a huge problem. But as I went on to clean out our vacuum, disaster struck. I'll spare you the picture, but basically our bathtub look like it exploded something nasty. On top of that, it wouldn't drain.

    side note:  To all you people not in apartments, I am so incredibly jealous of your hoses! It might not seem super luxurious, but imagine trying to clean off muddy boots, trash cans, yoga mats, and (now) vacuums. I am constantly using my tiny shower or sinks in ways that they were not designed to be used.  Ultimately, I end up with slightly less dirty boots and a significantly more dirty bathroom.  Along with a laundry machine, a hose is now on my "dream home" list.    dream small I guess?

On to finishing my job-less week filled with all-day dust, dirty rags, and yoga-pants.

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