17 April 2014

viva mexico

A couple months ago, Scott and I visited the Riviera Maya area in Mexico. 
(Scott served an LDS mission there a few years ago.)
I've been pestering Scott since we were first married that we (especially he) needed to go back and visit this area. With our 2012 tax refund, we finally gained the extra money and booked the trip. 

This trip was amazing to say the least. In just a week we visited Telum, Chetumal, Playa Del Carmen, and Puerto Morelos. These places changed my whole perspective of Mexico and the culture there. 

         The food was incredible. I enjoy trying new foods, but I had heard too many of Scott's gross stories to get too excited. Luckily, I didn't have to try cow's hoof, intestines, or tongue, but I did try so many other delicious things. Surprisingly, by the end of the trip, I actually liked and asked for the extra spice. 
        Humidity is to die for. I couldn't get enough of it. The other tourists we spoke with thought I was crazy. I think you're all crazy for not loving healthy skin and nails. 
        The people are incredibly nice, and you often hear a "buenos tardes" from a complete stranger on the street. (why don't we ever do that?) 

But really, all aside, my favorite part was seeing Scott in his element. This is where he grew and struggled so much. On our initial arrival and walk through the town of Playa del Carmen, I could see so much happiness and contentment in the way he walked. Excitement filled his eyes when he remembered specific places, foods, or people. He told me stories as we passed old memory-filled locations. I was introduced to people that once filled distant stories, yet they were now hugging and laughing with Scott right in front of me. Miraculously, I could understand a special few that bore their testimony to me and praised Scott for the work he did. 

I found so much more respect for Scott and the time he dedicated there. I've always loved his mission stories, but they seemed so distant in a life that was far from my own. This trip was not only a blessing in the sense that it was a nice getaway, but it led me to understand my husband in a much deeper way. It helped me to fall in love with a whole different side of Scott. 
                                                                           That was the best part of Mexico. 

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  1. I love that you got to experience this other side of your husband! How cool! Glad yall got to go!