21 May 2014


Almost a month ago, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English Literature. Although this was actually "pre-graduation" for me, it was still nice to go through the ritual of dressing up and walking.

The ceremony was held at the same building where I graduated from high school. It was nice to sit in that same room and think about how I have spent the past four years since high school. They've gone by so fast, yet I have done so much more than I ever expected. Now that I am about to be completely finished with college, I'm excited/nervous for my post-school plans. (I'll be honest though - there is no chance that I will be going to graduate school - I am done!)

At this point, I have only one class to go, and I can see a very bright spotlight at the end of the tunnel. 
Here's to actually graduating!

ignore the fact that the majority of my siblings are taller than me...

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