22 May 2014


Because of good luck, and whatever was going for us last weekend, Scott got last Saturday off, making it so that we could take a very belated trip up to the cabin with Chels and her fiancĂ©, Jake. 
This cabin is becoming a favorite spot of mine (we hiked up to it just a couple months ago). It's just far enough away that you feel secluded, yet close enough that it's not pain to get to. 

It was the perfect relaxing weekend away from life.  After taking some time to get settled in, Scott took it into his hands to teach each of us how to chop wood properly. After a couple of hours of fun, we roasted our dinner over the fire, and had the two boys serenade us all night. 

One of our favorite parts: late the next morning, we went out for a small walk/hike. While standing amid the tall forested trees and breathing in the fresh mountain air, we watched as two golden eagles soared (and "screamed") above our heads. It was truly an idealistic moment. 

This was simply a great weekend, and one that almost convinced me (to Scott's undying happiness) that I want to end up living in  a cabin among the mountains. 

pictures by chelsie

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