28 July 2014

and so it is

Life has been crazy and it's finally seeming to give me break for a little bit. So here's whats been up.

+I finally finished school. FINALLY. My assignments were submitted last week, and although my degree has not been officially posted, I'm done. with everything. Its kind of a surreal feeling. I've never really been able to imagine myself actually done with school. It just went on forever.

+ Scott is taking a lot of business trips lately... and its okay but I really hate sleeping alone.

+ Pirate's booty is back at Costco peeps.

+ More free time over at my place.

+ Have I mentioned that Scott's current hobby is refurbishing axes? I probably haven't mentioned it because it's a bit creepy, and our neighbors think he's a serial killer. 

+ Lots of compulsive simplifying and decluttering.

+ A new goal to go to the temple once a week (read: more free time).

+ A birthday: I'm now 22 folks. Again, weird and I can't wrap my head around it. I'm just going to say my brain is fried from my last class, so thoughts cannot be processed anytime soon.

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