26 September 2014

road trip:: part 3

On the last leg of our trip, we spent a day driving down the coastline. The views were amazing and I was reminded how much I love the ocean. I did a lot of reading on random beaches, made frequent stops to take in stunning views, and thoroughly enjoyed running after the birds. 
We ended the day (and trip) with a stop at a little beach alcove where we watched the sunset over the ocean and included a kiss (or two) to seal the deal. 

Favorite moment: We pulled over at a random (and incredibly small) town on the coast. We found a small restaurant and ordered some clam chowder. It was just us, we were relaxed with really no where to go, in a cold and salty no-name town, and some warm soup. I felt so much happiness, and honestly could not stop smiling. 


  1. love the picture of you chasing the birds! I can totally see my little girl all over again. It gave me a good laugh.