24 September 2014

roadtrip :: part 1

Once upon a time (back in June), Scott and I took a somewhat spontaneous road trip to the northwest.
     and I never blogged about it. or really ever wrote in my journal about it. 
Most likely thats because I was in the middle of trying to graduate, and the trip was somewhat overshadowed by work obligations that Scott had. 

That being said, it was a blast. Our idea for this trip was to just enjoy the scenery and relax. While we did take some tips from family and friends, the majority of the time we didn't plan out activities and simply enjoyed being there. 

We drove out to Seattle first (because we're cheap like that), and listened to Harry Potter along the way. The drive was long, but of course entertaining with my husband by my side. 
The view was breathtaking once we got into Washington state. However, the freeways throughout the city made me claustrophobic.

We spent time going to different parks that overlooked the city, enjoying the view and fawning over the quaint houses. Fish was a must on the docks, with Scott getting giddy over the different sailboats. We slipped in a little hike along the way - Tiger Mountain - which completely blew us away. Talk about green! 
Finally, we spent our last day at Pike's place, leaving with overstuffed bellies and happy memories of the city. 

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