25 September 2014

roadtrip:: part 2

Our next stop on the trip was Portland. Neither of us had ever visited this city before, so we were excited to explore it for the first time. As obvious by the pictures, we spent very little time in the city, and most of our time in the outdoors. I did have one morning to myself downtown. Scott had some meetings at the Apple store, so I bought hot chocolate and a donut, and people-watched in the city center. With it being a chilling and foggy 50 degrees, I was thoroughly enjoying my time alone in such a cozy setting.

Otherwise, we spent the majority of our time outdoors. Again, we were blown away by Oregon's nature. We went on three different hikes (Multanomah, Punch Bowl, and Oneonta Falls) with each trail impressing us more than the last. The last hike we went on was a simply a river "trail." The water was freezing (as seen by my whining in the picture below), but the payoff was grand (as seen by Scott's enthusiasm in the picture below).

 p.s. We used airbnb for the first time during our stay in Portland. We rented a little cottage in the backyard of a quirky beekeeper. Not only was it cheap, it was fun to be in the neighborhoods of locals. 

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  1. So jealous! I need to hear more about this beekeeper!