10 October 2014

apartment:: SLC

I realized I never really took pictures of  the places we've lived (Probably because most of them were simply blank rooms with a single piece of furniture).  When we moved here, I told myself I would decorate most of it within the first few months. At our previous places, I would often wait 6 months or more (or never), and never quite felt like it was a home. 

Mission accomplished: this was the home-iest place we've had to date. Most of the furniture was passed along from family members, and redone to match our taste. The decorations were filled with remnants from past locations or vacations spent together. This place had our first real christmas tree, and the first that became the place for friends to meet at. It had it's quirky qualities too, with a slanted floor, a single 12 in. closet, and no place for a microwave.

It was small, but it was also cozy, and it was home. 
I'm sad to move on to a new place, but I'll always look back on it as being my top favorite home for just the two of us.