07 October 2014


Like previously mentioned, Scott got off quite a bit of work. One of those days, we had some previous plans. However, when we left our apartment, we noticed a thick fog rolling through the mountains. We immediately changed all plans, grabbed the camera and some jackets, and left for the nearest canyon. 

Scott and I both adore fall - we were heartbroken when we realized our move date was just weeks before fall would set upon Utah. However, on this certain day, we got just a little taste of our favorite season. With each lowering degree, our smiles got bigger - we got far enough up the mountain that the temperature read at 49 degrees!

The fog was beautiful, and so worth the change of plans. As I'm writing this (a month later), I so wish I could go back and feel the cold inch up my skin, or the rainy, refreshing smell of nature. 
This was such an appropriate goodbye to Utah's canyons.  

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