06 October 2014

soaking up the city

Scott took some generous time off of work. Mainly to help pack and move, but to also have some fun before we left. 

We spent those last few weeks in Salt Lake City hanging out with friends, going out to dinner, and just being there. I wanted to soak up every last bit of the city and our life there. 

One monday afternoon, we walked over to the nearest bike station and rented some bikes for the afternoon. After picking up our favorite lunch essentials from Harmons, we rode our bikes around our favorite neighborhoods, pointing out our favorite quaint houses. Eventually, it started raining, which made Scott quite a happy man, and me, well, a little frantic. We quickly rode our bikes to Memory Grove Park and camped our bikes under the trees, cozying up for a picnic. It was so nice to have no where to be, and no one to meet up with. We just sat and watched the rain, while eating such yummy food. 

Scott was also off for our anniversary during that time. Initially we wanted to plan a trip somewhere, but with it falling so close to our move, we decided that we'd rather stay in Salt Lake. It ended up being the most relaxing day all to ourselves. Early that morning we went to the temple, and reminisced on the time we were there exactly three years previous. The rest of the day was spent basically eating our way through the city - ending with the restaurant we ate at on our wedding day! 

Those last two weeks in Salt Lake spoiled me. Scott and I were able to see each of our friends before we left, eat out at our favorite restaurants, and simply spend some good time with just the two of us. Plus, there was some unexpected fall rain that happened to make an appearance - scott claims mother nature was sending us a goodbye gift. 

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