15 December 2014

our new grizzly bear

I've had this saved as a draft for who knows how long.
And now it's almost comical looking back at the past couple of months that we've owned this car.

I'll start from the beginning.

We are the (sort-of) proud owners of a forest green 1999 Land Rover Discovery. Nicknamed "Grizzly Bear."

We bought it from some guy (Ben/The Land Rover Guy) who basically almost cried when we drove it away, and (without fail) always offers us a beer when see him. (somehow Scott and Ben have become friends, so they see each other occasionally). We got it for basically nothing, and I've regretted it ever since.

On day one of owning this beauty the locks didn't work, it overheated, and it leaked some type of fluid everywhere. Not to mention, this thing is HUGE, and slow.
As the weeks went by, we fixed it, but it gradually began to fall apart even more. Luckily, all I've had to deal with was the shifter coming completely off and then having to find a way to jimmy-rig the lever so that I could shift my way home.

Scott, on the other hand, was recently driving home and the brakes went out. I can't imagine what he was feeling, but after using the e-brake and running a red light, he safely coasted into an auto zone where I eventually came to pick him up.

A lot of $$$ later, the brakes are working and I'm patiently waiting for the engine to fall out of the car.
Yes, it's a cool car and it sure is fun to go off-roading with it. But without a doubt, the stress it has caused me must have shortened my life by 3 years.

Somehow, throughout all of this, Scott has found a way to create an even deeper love for this car.

Also. I had to post this.
Because welcome to Vegas' great outdoors.

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  1. Haha! That last photo! Thanks for the authenticity :)