13 December 2014

the Cupcake Girls

In addition to my last post, I wanted to include something that I've been working with for the past month or so. My last post was sort of long and over the top, so I wanted to break it up - especially because this is quite a handful.

I volunteer weekly at a local nonprofit called The Cupcake Girls. It's a group that provides support and resources for women in the adult entertainment industry. These "resources" range from hair and makeup help, doctor visits, resume and interview skills, to simply providing someone to talk to.

As for the cupcakes, a team of volunteers will go to clubs or brothels once a week with a box of cupcakes. These treats are only meant as an excuse to visit the girls and provide a connection. Beyond these visits, we help those get out of the industry that want out, and we continue to provide support for those that stay in.

I specifically work with PR and donor relations, but I mostly love putting together the gifts that will be delivered to the girls each week. I really love working here and spending some extra time around the other Cupcake Girls each week.

learn more here.  watch this here.


  1. I found the video very interesting. I had dad watch it with me. He's a bit nervous for you and your safety. I'm proud of your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and help these women that need extra support. Keep both of us updated on what's happening with your volunteering. It would make dad feel better.

  2. You. Are. Amazing. I've always wanted to help in a similar way. Way to go!