05 February 2015

a distraction for both me and you.

:: Today I got my HSG test done (fertility stuff). This has been the doozy I've been incredibly nervous for, so I'm just glad it's over. Google it if you want, but it's basically where they shoot dye through your fallopian tubes. Yes, it was painful, and yes, I cried on the table - I'm still a little embarrassed about it. BUT, this means I'm almost done with the testing phase (YAY!) And I'm now stuck in bed, so you get a new post.

  Side note: They showed me one of the x-rays and was shocked when I saw how small a uterus is. How is it possible that such a small thing can cause so much hell each month?

(the excitement is just seeping through this picture)(please note that is the driest sarcasm I have to offer)

:: I've found that I have yet again gotten sucked into the drama-filled and dumb show called the Bachelor. I always tell myself to not watch it, but somehow I'm hooked by week 3 and end up finishing out the season. So far, this round is filled with juicy drama and crazy ladies, so there's no way I'll stop watching.

:: Also, someone find out what happened to me because I suddenly LOVE working out. I used to consistently work out twice a month, and convinced myself that my lack of running was actually better for me (okay maybe I still do that).  But, on January 1, I signed up for a 6-week workout challenge, and I love it. I feel strong and it helps me deal with stress. If I ever miss a day (like today), I get super frustrated. WAIT WHAT?! It's just so weird for me to be saying that.

::However, I actually get semi-annoyed with people who constantly post about health crap, and then I judge myself because I eat chocolate and hamburgers often. So I probably won't say much more about working out as to not annoy you- (your hamburger and chocolate eating habits are perfectly fine by me).

:: I got a new job with a local swimsuit (and soon to be clothing) company. I'm going to help run her little company and try and revamp the whole thing. It can be a bit stressful and occasionally time consuming, but I finally get to be creative and I feel like I have a purpose. Luckily, I can often work from home - which gives me SO much flexibility with all of my fertility testing. LVAC and their protein-packed discussions just wasn't doing it for me.

:: I finally made it up to Mt. Charleston after a recent snowfall. Although the snow was still pretty dismal, it was snow nonetheless. The mountains sure are a peaceful and amazing place to be.


  1. Yay! Maybe you can inspire me to work out more :)
    Glad your testing is over!! Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Hugs for you cousin!! Love + good vibes headed your direction (: