20 March 2015

someone let me take a nap

I'm sitting here, trying to organize my thoughts and it's just not possible. So I'm going to vomit another round of updates.

:: Just for consistency, I should probably update the infertility part of life. We did finally speak to our doctor after testing was done, and we told us we would never be able to conceive naturally. He did say that we have some possible treatment options, but that IVF is basically our only way to go. We quickly found out we'd have to pay about $13,000 for a single round of in-vitro, so we're going to be stubborn and stick with a much cheaper round of IUI.

:: I've found that many people are quite taken aback with how casually I state the above information. Scott and I grieved for a few days after getting the news, but we decided to take time off away from the doctors (and hormones) for a little bit. We'll be doing a round of IUI in a month or so.

:: Because I wasn't at the doctor so much, I started working full-time at my new job, and it's done quite a job at occupying my mind on other things. I've been kept super busy, which is great, but it also results in more trips to In-N-Out and Cafe Rio for dinner (paired with the fact that exercising is just not happening). If you'd like, take a gander over at Pink Desert. I'm super proud of our swimwear and new clothing collection we've got lined up, and even more impressed with how fast some of these teenage girls can buy out our stock of peplums.

:: We snuck a trip up to Utah to see some snow, but instead just saw sun. We also stressed the week away over a car and ended up buying it. Goodbye rickety old Land Rover, hello speedy Mazda 6. Scott and I then snuck away to a night up in SLC, saw some friends, ate at our favorite places, and stayed the night ALL BY OURSELVES. ahhh.

:: Speaking of being by ourselves, moving out is being put on hold. Yay for buying a car and then finding out fertility crap is expensive.

:: It's a dry 80 here, and I'm already melting. Somebody save me before June rolls around.

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