18 May 2015

Baby Journal: 8 weeks

Journal from May 18 -  Posted 7.14.15

After a few weeks of bliss (and not feeling at all pregnant), morning sickness hit me at week 6 and it's just getting stronger. People try to console me and get excited, telling me this means I'm pregnant and things are normal. Still super sucks. Up until this week I've felt nauseous all day and simply hate the thought of any food. Sadly, I barfed up my breakfast in the church parking lot. Oddly enough,  the only thing that seems to make me feel better so far is to workout for a little bit. 

I now feel bloated and heavy and gross. I still fit in my jeans, but I do feel a little bit chubby. 

I feel semi tired. I think it's because of the nauseousness - it's taken the energy out of me.

TMI: My boobs feel ginormous and it scares me to think they'll get bigger. I told my mom how big they seem, and she quickly said, "oh I could tell the last time we Facetimed that you had pregnant boobs." Great. I really hope no one else notices. 

I have so much respect for women who work full time and are pregnant. Luckily my boss knows I'm pregnant, and understands when I need to come in later from feeling sick all morning. Even then, I'm holding back from throwing up all day. Kudos to working pregnant moms.

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  1. Yay for pregnant boobs! Ha! Did you know you start making milk at 13 weeks? Pretty rad huh?