17 May 2015

my life is semi boring at the moment

:: I'm keeping busy with working too many hours, planning out girls camp, and trying to keep up on laundry and dinners. Working out for an hour each day just doesn't happen anymore - for now, I'll occasionally do a circuit during an episode of Friends. That's good enough for me (and so entertaining).

:: I'm officially tired of having my blood drawn. I'm almost to the point where I want them to explain why I'm getting blood drawn and if it's completely necessary.  I think I have permanent bruises.

:: I recently posted on Instagram about infertility, and it was such a relief to finally get it out. I'm so grateful for the kind words from family members and from people I didn't even know cared. It was quite touching to hear how many people either struggled with it, or were sending prayers our way.  That being said, I'm not going to post about treatments or results online - unless I'm directly asked, I'm not planning on saying too much.

:: On that note, we're taking a break from treatments and appointments for now. We planned a trip last minute, and since we'll be gone for a good week, we were semi-forced to stop our next cycle. But we're so excited to take a break from the fertility doctor and from our day to day routine. SO,  in 2 weeks, we're going to Canada! We'll spend Scott's birthday there, and enjoy some cold weather. Hopefully I'll remember to post about it later.

:: Scott and I purchased a climbing punch pass at the beginning of the year, and we're finding that we LOVE our new hobby. We've tried to get a gym pass in the past, and it lasted for about one summer (I hate going to the gym, so it's probably my fault). With climbing, we stay long enough to make it a workout, but it's a fun date at the same time.

:: I have FINALLY found some time to read. Kind of. I've made it to the library twice this month, and I just can't contain my excitement to pick up a new book every time I go. Currently, I'm ready 'Wonder' and love it. Any other suggestions out there? I'm on a roll.

:: Also, we just can't stop watching Fast & Furious. We just finished watching all previous 6 movies, and we're waiting to watch the 7th for the second time. Also, my text conversations with Scott basically consist of Dominique Toreto gifs. We're both smitten.


  1. It makes me sad we didn't become better friends while you were living in Utah. I think we have a lot in common. Enjoy Canada!

  2. oh man, i had to get blood drawn for the first time on my mission and it was AWFUL. i've never had a bigger bruise in my life and it lasted forever! donating blood used to be on my bucket list, but after that experience i took it right off.