01 May 2015

the call

(Journal from May 1st - Posted 7.14.15)

Our doctor had told us we had less than a 15% chance of having an IUI treatment work. He didn't instill too much hope, but I already knew we had many more months and cycles to keep trying.

I didn't realize how nervous I was for that phone call until it actually started ringing with "Fertility Center" on the screen. I suddenly started to shake and my heart was racing. 
My doctor was on the other line. He cut to the chase and said, "Congratulations, you're pregnant!"

I didn't waste any time with a quick response of "SHUT UP. YOU'RE KIDDING."
Which he then laughed and teased about how awful of a joke that would be. Once I realized this really wasn't a round of punk'd, I started to sob (while the doctor was still on the line), repeating one of the following phrases for the next 5 minutes: "are you sure?" "you're kidding me." or "I can't believe this"

Finally, when he got me to calm down a bit, he explained what the next steps were and said goodbye with another congrats tacked onto the end. I was at work when this all happened (luckily alone), and I had some time to really let it somewhat sink in. I wiped my eyes and just sat there at my desk. I couldn't stop saying out loud - What?! What? WHAT?! I'm pregnant. This happened. What?!

(I still sometimes don't think this is real life)

Once I got home from work, I quickly went and took a pregnancy test (I just loved seeing those double lines).  You can all scold me now for what I did next: I told Scott the cycle didn't work. When he came home he gave me a hug and told me how sad he was. Suddenly, I pulled the positive test out of my pocket and showed it to him. I think there were too many emotions for Scott's emotionless body for him to actually do anything but stare at me with such a confused and shocked face. He eventually understood what was going on and became the happiest I have seen him in so long. 
Our parents were thrilled, and Shellese's reaction was just perfect (cue screaming and jumping and shaking and crazy lady sounds).

So, the news is out. We're expecting. and we couldn't be happier.

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  1. Yay! (again:) And double yay for blog updates!! And I am so glad you took a test...you're so cute! I would have done the same thing.