02 June 2015

Baby Journal: 10 weeks

Journal from June 2nd - Posted on 7.14.15.

We're in Canada this week!
I've been super nervous for this trip because there is a lot of driving involved, and I'm at the peak of my nausea. The past couple weeks i've been throwing up a lot more and generally just feeling gross. I never expected morning sickness to feel this awful. It doesn't help when I know that some women are sick their whole pregnancy. Just thinking about that makes me feel depressed.

I've been taking Dramamine during any long car ride, which makes me zonk out and/or feel foggy for the next couple of hours. Besides that, I honestly think that being in Canada has actually helped my symptoms. We've hiked almost every day - and although that worries some of my family members, it's actually eased my nausea considerably. I'm guessing it's part exercise, part fresh mountain air. I've been feeling so stuffed up in our house and some of the random smells were starting to get to me.

I'm pretty anxious to see a bump! I'm to the point where Scott has to tell me to stop poking out my stomach in pictures. Still feel chubby, but I'm wearing all my same clothes.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! This looks like a total dream. (And yes, I'm going to comment on every post because I'm just that excited.)