24 June 2015

Baby Journal: 13 weeks

Journal from June 24th - Posted 7.14.15

We had our first OB appointment since the last update. Here are some basics for twins:
     Full term is 37 weeks. I can't travel after 26 weeks. It's common to go on bed rest for the last month. I'm most likely going to   have a C-section only because this is my first pregnancy, and I have a smaller frame, making less room for the babies. SO my babies will most likely make their arrival at the end of November, or beginning of December! Crazy!

This week I'm telling my family about the twins, and the news will be out! It's about time, because I finally popped this week! I could tell I was semi-chubby, but now (if I wear a tight-ish t-shirt) you can see a little bump! I'm going to say it's because of all the good food we've been eating while in Utah.

I have to say, I can tell I'm a little bit bigger, and it honestly freaks me out that somehow I'm getting fat and there's no babies in there. I'm super anxious for my next appointment, just to make sure I'm actually growing babies, and not just fat.

I had to go bra shopping for a bigger size - my old bras were too uncomfortable. Scott isn't complaining.

Cravings. I don't really believe in pregnancy cravings. It's such a big deal (everyone loves to ask what you're craving), but I don't find it any different from pre-pregnancy cravings. Non-pregnant people crave certain foods at certain times. I've been craving Kraft Mac and Cheese Spongebob shapes for basically my whole life....still craving it now. Besides my constant Mac and Cheese craving, I've recently been dying for a Grand Slam from Dennys. Quality food people. Quality food.

Nausea is SO MUCH BETTER. I still feel it every now and then, but compared to weeks 6-11, this is night and day difference. I just have to make sure to keep food in my stomach, but not eat too much. It's a fine line.

Sleeping is just starting to get awful. I toss and turn all night. Now that it's uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach, I'm doomed to my side. I actually normally sleep on my side, but I have SUPER weird dreams, and I constantly wake up panicked that I'm sleeping in a way that will hurt the babies. Oh and naps are out of the question - it just keeps me up all night.

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