17 June 2015

Things you shouldn't say to someone with twins. just don't.

We went in for an ultrasound to confirm that I was still pregnant.  I found out that my cycle was an anomaly - the nurses went into panic mode when they saw how my body reacted to the medications and hormones.

We looked up on the screen and there were two little blobs there. TWO. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd have twins. (Honestly, I was just glad there weren't three in there like some of the nurses thought there would be). Although we have our moments, we're BOTH so excited and can't wait for our little ones to get here!

So now here is a list I never thought I'd have the knowledge to write...

10 things NOT to say to someone who is carrying twins:

1. I'm so sorry. Well, you'll be sorry when I hit you. 

2. You are going to get HUGE. But really, you are going to be so big theres no way that can look good. Thanks. Yes I know I'll get huge, please don't remind me.

3. I'm really scared for you. I'm actually really terrified whats going to happen to you. Cool, what do you want me to do about it now. They're coming, whether you like it or not. 

4. You guys are going to be so poor. Good luck. Thanks again. 

5. My husband's sister's cousin just had twins. I'm sure I could give you some advice. Super helpful. Not.

6. I'd never want twins first like what you're doing. That would be the hardest thing ever! You should have waited until they were the last kids. I know right?! Dang it fertility drugs, why did you have to work so well NOW? 

7. My mother-in-law had twins. She cried all the time. My future looks so happy. Thank you for that insight. 

8. I have two kids 12 months apart. I think that's worse than having twins. and why does this have to be a comparison?

9. Wow you conceived twins naturally? Oh, through IVF? oh, IUI? huh. There seems to be an underlying tone that my babies are somehow less noteworthy because I did fertility treatments. I'm still having twins!

10. Oh, they're fraternal. That's not like having real twins, right? riiiiight. 

Luckily I have a lot more people in my life who offered lots of congratulations and kind words. 
Thank you to those people, because you've helped me move past some unnecessary breakdowns. 

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  1. Baha! I'm so sorry people can be unkind! Yall are gonna be the best parents. Can't wait to meet them!