15 July 2015

Baby Journal: 16 weeks

I'm now making my way through the second trimester!

I finally feel like I have a baby bump, and I love it. Although I'm not loving finding things to wear on Sunday. Skirts are now just such a pain to figure out.
Some days I feel like I really show. Other days, it's not quite clear if I'm pregnant, or if I just don't know how to control my appetite.

Nausea is gone. Thank the heavens. But I am just so exhausted. I've heard too many times that the second trimester is when you get that extra burst of energy and you feel amazing....I've not felt that yet. I'm more tired now than I was in my first trimester.

BUT I'm finally sleeping so much better! The extra bout of tiredness is probably helping, but I'm also free to sleep on my back! I asked my doctor recently about the theory of sleeping on your back and he laughed and said it's totally fine. Now that I'm not subconsciously about hurting my babies while while sleeping, I'm doing so much better.

We got car seats, double stroller, and a crib - things are slowly feeling more real! (although I'm dying over the bulkiness of twin stuff. help me.)

No stretch marks. No movement yet (I think). and no gender reveal.
I do go to my high risk doctor in a couple of weeks so we should know a little more by then!

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  1. I just read through your latest blog posts, and I'm just so happy for you two! Good luck at your appointment with the doctor!