08 August 2015

Baby Journal: 18 Weeks

It's pretty amazing how much can change in just 2-3 weeks.
I mean, I suddenly feel ultra-pregnant with a big belly. I've got a few aches and pains, and I get out of breath much easier.

Sleeping is great, eating is great, and energy levels dwindle. I have yet to get that burst of energy everyone talks about - I could just nap all day. Luckily, things have slowed down at work this month, so I don't have to come in until 10 or later (it's kind of up to me!). Sooooo I usually sleep in as long as possible. and it just feels. so. nice.

I've been exercising this whole pregnancy (it was the only thing that got me through morning sickness), and finally finished off my pass at our climbing gym. It was probably a good thing that was my last time - at my most recent appointment my doctor was very adamant to let me know that I needed to start slowing things down and taking it easy. bleh. hating that.

Since the last post, we found out we're having a BOY and GIRL! We are just SO excited. Plus, I love that I know which one is where in my belly. I can usually tell if it's Baby Girl or Baby Boy that is kicking me.
Besides congratulations, the first two most common reactions have been - "wow that's so expensive! You'll have to buy separate boy and girl stuff!" or "So what are their names going to be?"
Unfortunately for our children, they will most likely be sharing grey colored clothes. And as for their names, we aren't getting to that for a long time.

There is movement! I had the sweetest birthday gift from these little bugs and I felt them move during my birthday date. Since then, I have felt non-stop flutters and now, love taps. I timed it right one day, and actually felt one kick from putting my hand on the outside of my belly. (I might have cried...) Scott has even felt it, although he thinks it's super cool, I know he was a bit weirded out at first.

Side note: I've gained some weight - not too much not too little, but just right. (Which by the way, why is it that once you become pregnant every rule about talking about body size goes out the window? I've been told how HUGE AND MASSIVE I am, and others say I'm too small and could be starving my babies. But I digress. This is a rant for another day.)
The other day Scott asked me to massage his back. I sat on him while he's laying on his stomach and immediately I could tell he hesitated - almost like he had something to say. I waited for a minute then said, "You can tell I'm heavier, huh?"  We laugh about it and he finally admits that he can tell I've gained some weight.
Scott is quite a pest, so I'm thinking that when I'm too big to really be quick and agile (and I've actually gained some substantial weight), I'll just sit on him for revenge. Good plan.

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  1. Beeeeelly! Yay! You are gorgeous. And that climbing shot with your bump is so cool. Shared grey clothes? I like it. H&M is great for that. I'm so happy you're feeling movement, it really makes pregnancy feel so real!