10 August 2015


I realized I never posted about Canada, so here is a quick picture update. (05/20/15-06/02/15) 

Rainy - All the time - and it was sooo good. 

 Best Canadian treats. And I just HAD to get some Kraft dinner because I'm just such a Mac and Cheese fatty.

 Watching the hockey finals in a pub. Why not?

Ha-ling Peak (wished the whole time I could be wearing a shirt that said "I'm Pregnant with Twins." That hike was a struggle.)

One of Scott's biggest fears in life: bears.

It was all so lush, so green, and so wet. Saying that coming home to a hot, dry, 110 degree Vegas was hard is an understatement. 

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  1. breathtaking! and i need to some more photos of that ward building!