13 September 2015

Baby Journal: 24 Weeks

     Getting out of the heat at Mt. Charleston

Lets start off with some of the not so good pregnancy stuff...

Feet/fingers have started to swell, usually if I'm up and about for too long during the day. Our time in Utah was pretty bad (I kept myself a bit too busy), but now that I'm home back in my routine I don't swell as much.

Breaking out like a little 13-year old. It's just awful. By far one of my least favorite pregnancy symptoms.

Back pain. Also awful. It's not upper back or my typical lower back, but in my upper glutes/lower back. I've had pain there since about 12 weeks, but it's progressively getting worse. Now I feel it everyday and it's making me walk/stand/complain like a pregnant woman.

Now some good stuff...

Babies are doing great! I'm technically high risk, so I'm super grateful that my appointments have been limited to 2 times a month - It means the babies are doing exactly what they should be doing! They're definitely bigger and I can feel them all. the. time.

Remember how I said I don't believe in pregnancy cravings?? I think I finally had my first ACTUAL pregnancy craving (not just a typical "I'm a hungry human" craving)
Mint chocolate chip ice cream. I was having major heartburn, and the tums just weren't doing it for me. All I could think about was how much I wanted ice cream, so Scott and I went to the grocery store to grab some. Just so good, and made me feel so much better.

No stretch marks yet! (knock on wood)

Loving my belly. It is weird to see how much I'm growing each week (sometimes freaks me out) and I'm having to keep myself from constantly rubbing/touching/attempting-to-snuggle my belly.

I'm slowly transitioning from being surprised each morning that I have this pregnant belly, to now feeling like I'll be pregnant for forever. I can't imagine there being an end to my pregnancy. (I will say I am getting more and more anxious to meet these little babies).

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  1. I had the same ice cream cravings! Helps so much with heartburn. You're beautiful! And pregnancy doesn't last forever but it still feels like it!