16 September 2015

because I haven't blogged lately.

I'm getting so bad at this blog. But, lets be honest, when the twins arrive, this will most definitely be getting put on the back burner. All free time will be put towards sleeping. (Hollah!)
Anyways, here's some updates from life lately.

We've now been in Vegas for a year... Just don't talk to me about it.

I've finally started the Baby's quilt! aka. my excuse to spend money on a quilt that I've been wanting to make for years. Let's just say it's for the babies and not for me. Okay? Okay.

I'm realizing that Fall is going to take it's sweet time. I keep thinking that we're within a week or two of some lower temperatures, but we're still struggling through the triple digits. I'm thinking it's about time to make our own faux Fall with extra pumpkin flavors and lots of baked goods!

Still working, and still loving it! I don't have an official end date yet, but it's sad just thinking that I have about a month or less left. Plus its a little nerve-wracking to realize we won't have a double income anymore (not that my income was super grand or anything). At the same time, I'm so excited to have these babies and to get to be with them at home.

On the topic of work, a few weeks ago I was able to go to the Magic tradeshow here in Vegas. It's a massive convention center full of everything and anything fashion/clothing. There are massive sections for swimwear, lingerie, clothing, and sourcing (for making your own designs!). It was amazing to see some of these beautiful pieces of swimwear and clothing, and to be able to help pick out some of the stuff we'll be carrying next season. ('nannette lepore' people. Just so good). Mostly, I just loved being on a "business trip" for once and getting paid to go!

We went to Utah for our last trip until the babies come (after 24 weeks I can't travel more than a half hour out of Vegas). I had three different showers (all amazing, and all so pretty), and loved being able to see the different baby clothes and gear. Won't lie - by the end of each shower, I was exhausted and about to pee my pants. Those things wore me out.

We also spent a few days up at Park city for our anniversary. Luckily, it was foggy and rainy on one of the days we were there, and it was the best anniversary gift for us. We went hiking, walked main street, and enjoyed the mountains. Also, why is Utah so amazing?! and why don't we live there?!

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